“Don't I look cool made of ice!”

The Ice Train! is a magazine story.


As Thomas puffs past the park, he spots some strange shapes made out of ice. The driver explains that they have been made by an ice artist that lives on the Island. Thomas spots a polar bear, a spaceship, and a castle - he is most impressed. He wants to show all his friends, but is disappointed when none of them can come. Thomas sadly heads back to the park alone and reverses into the middle of the park amongst the sculptures. Then Thomas notices them all changing shape. He had been rushing all over the island trying to find his friends, making his boiler red hot and now it was melting the sculptures. The artist isn't cross and asks Thomas to collect some more ice from the docks. Thomas returns the ice to the artist and a few days later, he returns and gets a surprise. In the middle of the park is a huge ice sculpture in the shape of Thomas!



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