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On Thomas' travels, he met two high-speed Japanese Engines in Japan.


Thomas first encountered one of the engines who passed him very quickly twice while picking up some passengers. He was puzzled as to why the engine did not say hello. Thomas later met the one engine and another at a crossing when the engine was blocked due to a broken down lorry. Thankfully, Thomas' passengers helped out and the two engines let Thomas go through first, but not without saying "Kon'nichiwa" at Thomas. Thomas then whistles them back.

Technical Details


The Japanese Engines are based on early 481 series electric multiple units, built by a number of manufacturers and introduced by Japanese National Railways in 1968. While their basis is cape gauge, they appear to be standard gauge.


They are cream with red window surrounds, red around their lamps and red buffer beams.


One of these would later appear in the Thomas Creator Collective.


  • Despite being electric locomotives, they lack a catenary and no overhead wires are visible to power them. Settebello has the same problem, as does Kenji.
  • Japan's standard gauge is 1,067 mm, which is narrower than the international standard gauge. Therefore, Thomas with 1,435 mm of gauge can't run together.


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