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The Jet Engine is a red and silver machine mounted on a large grey well wagon, along with two large crates covered in tarpaulins.


Thomas & Friends

Thomas went to Brendam Docks to collect the jet engine (to be taken to Dryaw Airfield) from Cranky, who became huffy after Thomas told him to hurry up. While grousing, Cranky accidentally switched the engine on, sending Thomas rocketing down the line, only stopping when the jet engine ran out of fuel.



  • One point to note is the model has a larger central box while "engaged" (this can be seen as the box is wider than the truck itself), likely in order to house the large motor which powered the model.
  • What happened to Thomas would not happen in real life, for the following reasons: a jet engine would never be transported carrying fuel, Thomas would have surely derailed at the speed he was going at, and, even if he did not, the friction would have ground his wheels down to nothing and the resulting airspeed and wind resistance would tear him apart.
  • According to Thomas in Emily Saves the World, the jet engine is powerful enough to propel him at Mach 1, known as supersonic speed.
  • After the production of this episode, part of the jet engine was dismantled and reused as a rusty pipe at the smelter's in Fergus Breaks the Rules.
  • The twenty-fourth series reintroduced the concept of Thomas being pushed by a jet engine with the Blastbooster-7, an experimental jet engine built in Germany with three thrusters.


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