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The Journey Never Ends is a song from the twenty-second series.


Come on a journey
With Thomas and Friends
All around the world and then back again
Big new adventures for all to see (Come on!)
So much to discover in each country
We’ll go to China, Australia, Spain, Peru! (Yeah!)
Kenya, Mexico, the whole world through!
Check out the pandas, koalas, kangaroos
With Thomas and his friends
The journey never ends (Let's go!)
Travel the world with curiosity (Let's go!)
Jump on board there's so much to see (Come on!)
Country to country let's explore them all
They're all so different, some big some small
We'll go to India, Poland, Germany too! (Let's go!)
Egypt, Italy, the whole world through!
Check out the lions, elephants, zebras too!
With Thomas and his friends
The journey never ends (Let's go!) (Yeah!)
With Thomas and his friends (Thomas and his friends!)
We'll go to Russia, America, Japan too!
France, Brazil, the whole world through!
Check out the tigers, crocodiles, monkeys too!
With Thomas and his friends
The journey never ends (Yeah!)
Thomas and his friends
We'll travel the world end to end!
The adventure's just begun
With Thomas and his friends
The journey never ends!




  • The song is played at the end of episodes that take place outside of the Island of Sodor, sharing the same slot as the Engine Roll Call.
  • Stock footage of an early test trailer of Big World! Big Adventures! is reused in this song. Because of this, Nia can still be seen in one of her early liveries.
  • An instrumental plays in the 2019 Meet the Characters! shorts.
  • Due to a lack of footage for some countries, other locations are used to represent them:
    • The Outback is used to represent Spain.
    • Kenya is used to represent Peru.
    • India is used to represent Mexico.
    • The Himalayas are used to represent Poland and Russia.
    • The Island of Sodor is used to represent Japan.
  • The Korean version of the song used two English words: "Let's go" and "Come on".
  • The Polish version has "Australia, Chiny, Indie i Peru też!" lyrics, it means "Australia, China, India and Peru"

Footage Used

Music Videos

In Other Languages

Language Title
Czech Že cesta nekončí
Finnish Matka alkuun vaan
German Die Reise geht jetzt los
Italian Son Viaggi Infiniti
Japanese たびはつづく
Korean 여정은 영원히!
Latin American Spanish El Viajar Jamás Va a Terminar
Polish Nie Kończy Podróż Się!
Spanish Un Viaje Sin Final
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