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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the statue, the DVD or the Chinese book.

“This is the finest statue I've ever seen!"
"And the cleanest!”
―The Mayor and the Fat Controller

The Lion of Sodor is the second episode of the thirteenth series.


Thomas is given the job of transporting a crate consisting of a very special statue called The Lion of Sodor. However, he thinks his cargo is a real lion, so he decides to take extra care of it. On route to Knapford, Thomas decides to make sure the lion is well fed and comfortable, so he collects syrup from Henry, fish from Edward and straw from Toby, which are all put inside the crate. When Thomas arrives at Knapford station, the crate is opened up and everyone is shocked to see the Lion of Sodor in a terrible mess. Gordon and James laugh, and Thomas feels very silly and owns up to what he thought of his cargo. The Fat Controller and Henry explain that the Lion of Sodor was a special statue which got broken. Thomas' cargo was the new statue of the Lion. Feeling silly, Thomas agrees to get the statue clean. Taking advice from Henry and Edward, he gets it cleaned at the wash-down and then polished at the Sodor Steamworks. Once the Lion of Sodor looks very clean, Thomas takes Toby's advice to a short-cut via the windmill to get back to Knapford station, where the Mayor of Sodor is overjoyed to see the new statue.




UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa

US and Canada


  • This episode marked the first of a few things:
    • The Mayor of Sodor's first speaking role.
    • The first appearance of the Viaduct since the sixth series and its first appearance in CGI.
  • This episode was shown in select US cinema in October 2010.
  • Buster's theme from the Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode, Thomas and the Moles when he flattens the molehills is heard here.
  • This episode was used for a Television advert of Google Home in Japan.
  • The ending of the episode was shown on BBC News on 18th July 2010 when the BBC was discussing the subject of Thomas CGI take during their topic of Thomas' 65th anniversary of The Railway Series in that exact same year the episode was released.
  • In Poland, this episode premiered before Hero of the Rails, so the audience would not know about the Sodor Steamworks.
  • The Korean title of this episode shares the same title both on dub and subtitles.


  • When Thomas arrives at the docks, the flatbed is missing its axles. Also, when he first arrives, it is lighter in colour.
  • In the scenes when the signal turns green and Thomas leaves, the mountain looks different.
  • Toby said he only has straw in his trucks, but he had flatbeds.
  • As Toby is trying to tell Thomas the Lion of Sodor is not an actual lion, steam comes out of Thomas' cab instead of his funnel.
  • The narrator said Thomas' driver put the syrup in the lion's crate, but it is really his fireman (identified by his moustache).


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese O Leão de Sodor
Catalan El Lleó de Sodor
Chinese Mandarin 多多岛的狮子王
Czech Sodorský Lev
Danish Løven fra Sodor
Dutch De Leeuw van Sodor
Finnish Sodorin Leijona
French Le lion de Chicalor
German Der Löwe von Sodor
Greek Το λιοντάρι του σοντορ
Hungarian Sodor oroszlánja
Icelandic Ljónið frá Sódoreyju
Indonesian Singa dari Sodor
Italian Il Leone di Sodor
Japanese ソドーとうのライオン
Korean 소도어의 사자
Latin American Spanish El León de Sodor
Norwegian Løven på Sodor
Polish Lew Sodor
Portuguese O Leão De Sodor
Romanian Leul din Sodor
Russian Сидорский лев
Serbian Lav od Sodora
Swedish Sodors lejon
Welsh Y Lew O Sodor

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