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The Lion of Sodor is a very famous golden statue that all the older engines remember. A long time ago, it was broken, and years later, Thomas was sent to collect a new version of it. Due to not hearing about it before, Thomas mistook it for a real lion and tried to feed it. He then had to get it cleaned, so he took it to the wash-down and later to the Sodor Steamworks to be polished. Thomas then returned it back to Knapford, and the Mayor of Sodor gave a speech about it.

Gordon and Ferdinand later took the statue from Knapford to the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House for the summer.

It can now be seen on the roundabout at the road entrance to Knapford Station.


  • In the thirteen to sixteenth series, the top of the statue's pedestal was gold. In the seventeenth series, it became stone.
  • The statue represents the fact lions are a traditional symbol of the United Kingdom.



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