This article is about the shunting engine. You may be looking for the lost engine or Thomas.

The Little Blue Tank Engine was once seen shunting trucks at Tidmouth Yard.


The Railway Series

The tank engine once shunted James' goods train for him and teased him about the incident he had with some bootlaces when he needed some to mend a hole in his coaches. He ran off laughing rudely, leaving a very angry James. [1]

It is unknown what happened to the tank engine afterwards, either he was scrapped or relocated.

Technical Details


The tank engine's basis is unknown. He appears to have an 0-4-4T wheel arrangement with inside cylinders. He bears some resemblance to the Midland Railway 690 class, so it is possible he may be one of the Midland Railway Engines or a loaned engine.


The tank engine is painted bright blue with red lining, similar to the North Western Railway's livery of the same colour scheme.






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