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“I think I need to learn more about how you strange steamies work!”

The Lost Puff is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


One day, Paxton comes across a piece of damaged track at Knapford Bend. He travels across it slowly, but it is bumpy and tickles his buffers. Then, Thomas pulls up alongside and Paxton encourages Thomas to try puffing over the damaged rails. Thomas does so and giggles. Then, he reverses to get a big run-up, but he backs into Toby who is being refilled with water at the water tower. Water covers Thomas' cab and enters his firebox. Paxton races away - he does not want to get into trouble.

Later, Paxton overhears Toby talking about the accident. He says that Thomas has now "lost his puff". Paxton feels terrible and decides to find it, but he isn't sure what a "puff" looks like. Then, he notices a puff of steam in the distance and thinks he's found it, but it's only Gordon with the express. It is not long before Paxton comes across another "puff" high in the sky and he chases it up a hill. At the top of the hill, he meets Stephen who informs him that the "puff" in the sky is actually a cloud.

Paxton, feeling very silly, heads back towards Knapford. When he arrives, he tells Toby that he cannot find Thomas' lost puff. Toby laughs and explains that he meant Thomas cannot make steam when his firebox is wet. He then assures Paxton that, once Thomas is dried out, he will be fine. Paxton chuckles a sigh of relief and thinks he needs to learn more about how steam engines work.




  • At the end, Paxton is supposed to be at Knapford, but the image shows him at the Sodor Steamworks.
  • It is said that Paxton 'steamed off', but he is a diesel engine.


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