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On the Mainland, there is a canal where fishing boats come in. Beresford is stationed here, and helps to unload their cargo.

There is a shunting yard and some buildings also located at the canal. The Experimental Engines Yard is also located nearby.


Thomas & Friends

Thomas and his train of Troublesome Trucks once found themselves here by accident. Thomas later returned to the canal, only to be lifted up by Beresford while attempting to sneak past. [1]

Another time, when Thomas and The Fat Controller were trying to find their way to London, Beresford stopped Thomas and picked him up, accidentally losing some of Thomas's royal banners. Sir Topham Hatt asks Beresford to put Thomas down so they can continue, and Thomas asks Beresford for directions to London, which he gives Thomas, only for Thomas to get mixed up between which track Beresford told him to go, left or right at the next junction. [2]


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