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The Mainland Traction Engines are a group of traction engines who attended a traction engine rally on the Mainland. They are friends of Trevor.


Trevor met the traction engines when he visited a rally on the Mainland. One had a canopy for the driver to sit under, while another had heavy rollers for paving roads.

Technical Details


One of the traction engines is based on a Fowler Showman's Engine, while the other is an Aveling-Barford steamroller similar to George and Buster.


The showman's engine is painted yellow with red lining and rims as well as a red roof. Its smokebox is painted grey while its chimney is black with a copper cap.

The steamroller is primarily painted grey. It has a red firebox and lining. Its flywheel is painted red with a yellow rim, while its front roller is entirely yellow and its roof is blue. Like the showman's engine, it has a black chimney with a copper cap, however it also has an orange spark arrestor on top.


Magazine Stories


  • Both engines have grey smokebox fronts the same shade as Trevor's face, indicating they may have been originally illustrated with faces similarly to Flying Thistle.