This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the milk tankers, the milk van or the milk float'.
“Thank you, everyone. Now all the children can have milk for breakfast.”

The Milk Train is a magazine story.


Percy arrives to his shed early one evening. He is surprised but his driver tells him that they must be up early in the morning to collect the milk train. Percy is then woken up while it is still dark and he sets off pulling a train of milk tankers. As Percy puffs along, he realises a tree has fallen across his line and stops suddenly. The fireman goes to alert the signalman while Percy worries if the children will get their milk on time. Suddenly, Percy hears some whistles. Thomas and Toby have brought the breakdown train. Some workmen saw up the tree and the crane loads the pieces into a truck. Percy is pleased to be able to run again. He whistles "thank you" to his friends and is able to deliver his milk on time.



  • James' dome is red.


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