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The Monkey Palace is an ancient temple in India. It is home to a large tribe of monkeys.


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Sometime in the past, Rajiv went by here and the monkeys almost stole his crown.

During Thomas's visit to India, Charubala had sent him to the Indian Railway Shunting Yard to collect more coconuts for the Varkala Railway Station's refreshment stand. Passing it on the way, he questioned Rajiv, who was less than pleased to be reminded about it. Unfortunately, the vain nature of his warning causes Thomas to ignore it, and a meeting with the monkeys left him unattentive when the coconuts spilled and a tribe member stows away. Returning to recollect the coconuts, Thomas arrives too late to prevent a Grey Tender Engine from crushing them, soon after realising he had a stowaway. The monkeys eventually dropped fresh coconuts from the trees into his truck, and he set off for the Varkala Railway Station without any further incidents.



  • The Monkey Palace is based on Galtaji, an ancient Hindu pilgrimage site, located in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. In recent times, it has become known for the large tribe of monkeys that inhabit the temple complex.



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