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The Old Italian Mines were a pair of abandoned mines located along the Italian coast. Lorenzo and Beppe were once lost in one of these mines.


Thomas & Friends

Long ago, Lorenzo and Beppe got trapped in one of the Italian mines while Lorenzo was looking for hidden treasures. The story would go on to become the tale of the legendary lost engine, which Stefano would later recount to Thomas.

Thomas visited the first mine when he got lost on his way back to the Museum of Archeology. While travelling through the mine, he thought he heard the calls of the lost engine; however Gina helped him realize that these were merely his own echoes.

Thomas later ended up in another mine when a rock fell from Monty and hit a points lever, causing him to be diverted. This time, he found Lorenzo along with his coach Beppe and helped them to escape the mine. They were then picked up by Stefano upon smashing through an exit over the sea.





The First Mine

The Second Mine