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“It's not fair..."
―Thomas and Gordon at Tidmouth Sheds.

The Other Side of the Mountain is the twenty-third episode of the nineteenth season.


Thomas enjoys nothing more than racing Bertie on his branch line, but one day, Thomas discovers that Bertie is not travelling along with him on the road. He eventually meets up with him at Ffarquhar and Bertie explains that he had to take a different route which is on the other side of the mountain, since men were reconstructing the route he usually takes. Bertie tells Thomas that there are beautiful trees, sparkling waterfalls and a rainbow. Thomas wonders if what Bertie says is true, but is sad to know that he cannot see it all since his rails will not guide him to the other side of the mountain.

Throughout Thomas' journeys, Bertie constantly teases Thomas with the fact that he cannot see what is on the other side of the mountain and everyone tries to convince Thomas that Bertie is making it all up.

However, the next day, when Thomas meets Bertie at the level crossing with a goods train, Bertie tries to tell Thomas that what he said is not made up, but before he could explain what he meant, Thomas puffs away in a very bad temper, believing that Bertie was teasing him all along. Thomas is so cross that he does not realise that he passed a red signal and the signalman warns Thomas that he will have a collision with Toby. Thomas tries to stop, but the troublesome trucks push him into a set of points that are set against him, derailing him and causing him to run through the countryside close by the road. The Fat Controller arrives at the scene and is very cross.

Butch arrives to take Thomas to the Steamworks by road, since he derailed far away from the tracks. He then takes him to what apparently is the route Bertie was taking all along and Thomas soon discovers that the "junglely trees, the sparkling waterfalls and the rainbow" on the other side of the mountain was actually a billboard. He then apologises to Bertie at the Steamworks and learns that he was not making it all up after all.








  • David Bedella is credited in the UK credits despite none of his characters speaking in that dub.

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Language Title
Dutch De Andere Kant van de Berg
Japanese やまのむこうがわ
Korean 저 산 너머 무지개
Polish Po Drugiej Stronie Góry
Portuguese O Outro Lado da Montanha
Romanian De Cealaltă Parte a Muntelui
Spanish Al Otro Lado de la Montaña

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