This article is about the DVD. You may be looking for the episode.

Other Side of the Mountain is a Chinese DVD featuring five episodes from the nineteenth series. It is the fifty-seventh volume of Thomas and Friends DVDs in China.


When Bertie is sent on a diversion that passes on the other side of a mountain, Thomas asks him what it’s like and Bertie teases him saying how amazing it is and telling him there is always a rainbow there. Thomas is jealous and wants to see it for himself, but Bertie just laughs and tells him he cannot. Thomas can only go where there are tracks. Thomas ends up having an accident. He comes off the rails and slides down a steep slope. He has to be taken to the Steamworks by road, but he ends learning the truth about what Bertie saw.


  1. The Other Side of the Mountain
  2. Philip to the Rescue
  3. Thomas the Babysitter
  4. Rocky Rescue
  5. No Help at All


  • On the front cover, the first "The" in "The Other Side of the Mountain" is missing.


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