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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the Australian DVD, the Taiwanese DVD or the magazine story.

“What a wonderful party!”

The Party Surprise is the ninth episode of the twelfth series.


Every year, a winter holiday party is held at Mr. Percival's house. Colin the crane lives at the wharf and is upset that he cannot go. While Colin is loading cargo into barges, Mr. Percival is visiting Mountain Village Station and is set to return in time for Freddie to take him to the party. Freddie, however, feels sorry for Colin and decides to ask Mr. Percival if they could hold the party at the wharf instead, so Colin could join in.

However, he sees Peter Sam and Rusty carrying party supplies. Not wanting the supplies to reach Mr. Percival's house, he tells the two engines that the party is now at the wharf and asks them to leave their trucks and inform the other engines. Freddie shunts the trucks by Colin, asking him not to touch them until he returns. Freddie then hurries to Mountain Village Station to find Mr. Percival, only to discover he has already left.

Mr. Percival sees the cargo in front of Colin and, not knowing they are the party supplies, demands Colin load them immediately. Despite what Freddie told him, Colin complies so as to not get Freddie into trouble. Freddie returns to see them floating away on a barge. Realising his mistake, he hurries to Mr. Percival and explains everything. Mr. Percival agrees to hold the party at the wharf, also telling Freddie that he should have asked him first. Freddie manages to chase down the barge and redirect it back to Colin, whom Freddie explains the plan to. Freddie collects Mr. Percival, his family, and the children from the house. The party is a wonderful success and Colin is grateful to Freddie.





  • When Freddie sees Peter Sam from the main Wharf station, he catches up to him. But when he does, he ends up in the same place as Peter Sam.
  • Mr. Percival says "All this cargo must be loaded before the party" when he meant to say that the cargo must be unloaded.
  • Freddie's voice in the US narration switches after Mr. Percival approves having the party at the Wharf.
  • At the party, Rheneas has Skarloey's CGI face.
  • When the engines blow their whistles, Rusty's horn can be heard, but he is nowhere to be seen.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese A Festa Surpresa
Chinese Mandarin 聚会上的惊喜
Croatian Zabava iznenađenja
Czech Překvapení z hor
Finnish Yllätysjuhlat
French Une Partie Surprise pour Colin
German Die Überraschungsparty
Indonesian Pesta Kejutan
Italian La Festa a Sorpresa
Korean 프레디의 깜짝 파티 (Kids 1)
깜짝 파티 (EBS)
Latin American Spanish La Fiesta Sorpresa
Polish Przyjęcie Niespodzianka

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