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This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the episode or the DVD'.
“The party is now at the Wharf!”

The Party Surprise! is a US magazine story, illustrated using photographs from the television series.


It is winter time on the Island of Sodor and it is time for Mr. Percival's holiday party which always takes place at his house, which is located next to the engine depot, which allows the narrow gauge engines to join in the festivities.

Freddie is at the Wharf with Colin. Mr. Percival has told Colin and Freddie that he needs all the cargo loaded before the party. Colin is upset when Freddie tells him about Mr. Percival's party; they never get to have parties at the Wharf. This gives Freddie an idea.

Freddie sees Peter Sam bringing lights for the party. Freddie tells Peter Sam that the party is now at the Wharf as a surprise party for Colin. Peter Sam is surprised, but agrees to let Freddie take his flatbed and to tell all the other engines about the party now being at the Wharf.

Then, Freddie sees Rusty pulling a Christmas tree for the party. Once again, Freddie agrees to take the Christmas tree if Rusty will spread the word about the party now being at the Wharf. Colin keeps unloading cargo while Freddie goes to find Mr. Percival. Unfortunately, the stationmaster tells Freddie that Mr. Percival is already heading to the Wharf.

Freddie races to the Wharf to find Mr. Percival. As he passes the canal, he sees the Christmas tree and lights floating away on a barge. The children will soon be arriving at Mr. Percival's house for the party and there will be nothing there. Freddie knows he should have told Mr. Percival about his idea to start with. Freddie asks the bargeman to go back to Colin. Afterwards, Freddie goes to see Colin to tell him about the party. Colin is very pleased with Freddie's idea. Mr. Percival tells Freddie that he should have been informed straight away, but he knows that Freddie meant well and agrees for the party to take place at the Wharf.

The children and the engines all have a brilliant time at the party. All of the engines whistle merrily as the children help decorate the Christmas tree. It is the best winter holiday party ever and the first time Colin had gotten to join in the fun.