“But you did get me a present. Having all of my friends here is a perfect present!”

The Perfect Present is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


It is the summer holidays on Sodor and Hiro is visiting for a holiday. Thomas and Percy are very excited to see their old friend again and Percy suggests they hold a party for him. He asks Thomas to invite all the engines while he gets things ready. Thomas agrees to invite all the engines and get Hiro a brilliant present, too. Thomas clatters away, pondering about what he can get Hiro as a perfect present.

Thomas soon meets up with Emily. He tells her that he is going to find Hiro the perfect present, but he forgets to invite Emily to the welcome party. Thomas then meets Victor and then Gordon. He tells all the engines about the present, but none of them about the welcome party.

Thomas is on his way to see Hiro when he realises his mistake. Thomas rushes around Sodor and tells all the engines about the welcome party. When Thomas gets back to Knapford for Hiro's party, he is exhausted. All of the engines are at the party, but Thomas feels sad; he had not gotten Hiro a present. Hiro insists that Thomas did get him a present; having all of his friends at the party is the perfect present.




  • Gordon's tender is empty.


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