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“Oh my! How splendid! A hard working engine with his sheep and sheepdog straight from the fields! That's the photograph I need for the front page!”
―The Photographer[src]

The Photographer is a man who takes photographs around the Island of Sodor.


Thomas & Friends

When a dinosaur skeleton was discovered in the mountains, Thomas took the photographer to the Transfer Yards while Rheneas took the skeleton down the mountain.

He also took a photograph of Oliver when he found a dinosaur skeleton at a foundation for a new school.

When Edward was later chosen to star on a North Western Railway poster, the photographer was hired again, this time to take a photo of Edward for the poster. He was later hired to photograph the engines for a billboard to be erected at Knapford.

He later took a photograph of Thomas and a giraffe at the Animal Park.

He used a draisine when he took pictures of the Sodor engines for a book entitled Sodor: The Great Railway. He was also present at the Farmer's Fair where he took a picture of James, Farmer McColl, Sir Topham Hatt, Farmer McColl's dog Katie and his sheep. The photograph was featured on the front page of the Sodor Gazette newspaper. He was also one of the very important visitors that attended Dowager Hatt's Sodor tour and after party.

He later took a photograph of the Sodor Search and Rescue Team's one thousand and first rescue while they were rescuing Percy and Diesel from a flood.


The Photographer seems to be calm and easy going, laughing when Thomas and Diesel were arguing whether it was done on purpose or not. He was also the only one (aside from Emily and Edward) not cross with Thomas for not telling Diesel and was simply confused.


Voice Actors


  • He speaks with an Italian accent in the US narration of Thomas and the Billboard.
  • Since the CGI switch, he gained a moustache.
  • In the nineteenth series, he gained a Scottish accent.
  • His attire originates from the horse and cart rider seen in Bulls Eyes (in turn based on an illustration from the Railway Series book The Little Old Engine).