The Poorly Engine! is a magazine story.


Toby is extra busy in the quarry as Mavis is working in the Main Station Yard. Toby clanks along in the pouring rain doing his work. The next morning, Toby is left to do the work alone again, but his joints ache and Henrietta is growing concerned. Soon, Toby stops all together. Henrietta tells Thomas about Toby's problem and Thomas kindly does Toby's work. Toby thinks that if he can no longer be useful the Fat Controller will scrap him. But the Fat Controller does not scrap Toby, he tells Toby's driver to oil Toby which does the trick and soon Toby is really useful again.



  • Henrietta offers to fetch the Fat Controller, but she is only a coach and cannot move by herself.
  • In the first illustration, Henrietta has a black bufferbeam.
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