“For once, I'm glad Thomas broke down!”
―Bridget Hatt

The Pop Show is a short magazine story.


A pop group is putting on a show at a theatre on the Island of Sodor. Thomas is taking a lot of excited fans to see the show including the Fat Controller's grandchildren, Stephen and Bridget. Unfortunately, Stephen and Bridget lose their tickets and are not allowed into the show.

The next day, Thomas collects the pop group from the station near their hotel to take them to the airport to catch their plane back to the Mainland. On the way, Thomas breaks down. Fortunately, Bertie is passing and offers to take the stranded pop group. On the bus are Stephen and Bridget and they help the band load their guitars and drums aboard Bertie. The group are so pleased that, as Bertie sets off, they sing their songs especially for the two children and give them an autographed poster.

When Bertie drops the band at the airport, Stephen is delighted to have had his very own special concert on a bus. Bridget is glad Thomas had broken down for once and is thankful that they remembered their bus tickets.


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