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The Pump Trolley is a railway vehicle with a pivoting arm mounted on it, which is pushed down and pulled up for propulsion by two people standing on both ends.

In its first appearance, Old Bailey took the Pump Trolley to get around his old line, watching for broken signals or collapsed viaducts. He once used it to alert to Henry, after the big green engine accidentally pushed some trucks into a ravine.

In the CGI Series, it is used by the Workmen for maintenance work. Sir Topham Hatt and his helpers would occasionally use the Pump Trolley as a private mode of transportation when the engines were not available, most notably around Misty Island.

An old unused pump trolley was left sitting at Sir Robert Norramby's estate, it was later used by a pair of thieves in an attempt to steal King Godred's crown.

The pump trolley appeared in the fifth, sixth, fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, twenty-second and twenty-third series.



  • In the CGI series, the Pump Trolley has been reduced in size in comparison to its model counterpart.
  • A real Pump Trolley was featured in 10 Years of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends during the Day Out with Thomas event.


All of the merchandise is under the name "Hand Car".

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