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This article is about the standard gauge coach. You may be looking for the narrow gauge coaches.

The Quarryman's Coach is a four-wheeled coach that works on the Ffarquhar Branch Line with Toby, HenriettaElsie and Victoria. The coach is used for transporting workers along The Quarry Tramroad to Ffarquhar Quarry.

Like Elsie, the coach was never featured in any Railway Series books, however was present on the Rev W. Awdry's Ffarquhar layout.

Technical Details


The Quarryman's Coach's basis is currently unknown. The model appears to be cut down from a German balcony coach.


The Quarryman's Coach is painted in an identical livery to Henrietta: brown-orange with red bufferbeams and a white roof. It also has the letters 'NW' painted on its sides in yellow.


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