The Railway Stories: The Little Old Engine and other stories is a BBC audiobook featuring twelve stories from the Railway Series, narrated by Michael Angelis.


  1. Domeless Engines
  2. Pop Goes the Diesel
  3. Dirty Work
  4. A Close Shave
  5. Trucks!
  6. Home at Last
  7. Rock "N" Roll
  8. Little Old Twins
  9. "Hullo Twins!"
  10. The Missing Coach
  11. Break Van
  12. The Deputation


  1. The Sounds Song
  2. Pride (A Close Shave)
  3. Togetherness (Home At Last)
  4. Surprises (instrumental)
  5. Strength (Break Van)
  6. Engine Roll Call



  • The front cover of the audiobook shows Rheneas, who is never featured nor mentioned in this audiobook.
  • When first released, the text on the back cover of the BBC audiobook said: "Will Duncan or Douglas get to stay?" This was later corrected by AudioGo.
  • In "Pop Goes the Diesel", Diesel says "Don't you want this lot?" and "And I've taken all this trouble...Why didn't you tell me?" in James' voice.
  • Duncan speaks in the Fat Controller's voice in "Home at Last" and speaks in Gordon's voice in "Rock 'n' Roll".
  • In "Little Old Twins", Michael Angelis pronounces Talyllyn as "Taly Lyn".
  • At the beginning of the Twin Engines, Michael Angelis says "Hello Twins" instead of "Hullo Twins".
  • Michael Angelis forgets to say the following lines: "Next day, he spoke to the trucks" in "Dirty Work" and "The Fat Controller pondered" in "The Deputation".
  • Diesel 10 is mentioned in "Strength", but he isn't a Railway Series character.


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