The Railway Stories Volume 3 is a record/cassette/CD release. When it was originally first released in 1972 by Decca, it contained eight stories from the Railway Series, narrated by Johnny Morris. When it was released as a CD in 2008 by BBC Audiobooks/AudioGO, it contained twelve Railway Series stories narrated by Michael Angelis.

1972 Release

1. Troublesome Engines

2. Henry the Green Engine

2008 Release

  1. Toby and the Stout Gentleman
  2. Thomas in Trouble
  3. Dirty Objects
  4. Mrs. Kyndley's Christmas
  5. Off the Rails
  6. Leaves
  7. Down the Mine
  8. Paint Pots and Queens
  9. Cows
  10. Bertie's Chase
  11. Saved from Scrap
  12. Old Iron


  1. Doing it Right (Thomas in Trouble)
  2. Everyday's a Special Day on Sodor (Mrs. Kyndley's Christmas)
  3. Never, Never, Never Give Up (Leaves)
  4. Happy and Sad (Cows)
  5. Engine Roll Call


  • Percy and the Trousers is the only story in Henry the Green Engine not narrated by Johnny Morris.
  • Johnny Morris says "Henry's Special Coal" instead of "Coal" as the title.


  • Emily is mentioned in "Engine Rollcall" but she is not a character in the Railway Series.
  • Michael Angelis sings "Silly old Gordon" out of tune.
  • In the 2008 release, when James whistles towards the end of "Leaves", the whistle sound used is Gordon's.


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