“My railway is certainly full of surprises!”
―Sir Topham Hatt

The Red Squirrel! is a magazine story.


Scamp is a friendly red squirrel who has come over from the Mainland to stay at the children's zoo on Sodor. Scamp is very tame and his keeper allows him to come out of his cage to meet the children on the platform. Suddenly, there is a loud crash as a porter dropped a heavy box of glass. This frightens Scamp, who quickly clambers onto the station's roof. The Fat Controller tells everyone to keep an eye out for the squirrel.

Meanwhile, Scamp is living up to his name. He stole some workmen's pies, all of the peanuts from Gordon's buffet car, and the seed cake that Lady Hatt had put on her bird table. The next morning, the Fat Controller is getting worried. Scamp still has not been caught and it is dangerous for a squirrel like Scamp to be in the wild. Then the Fat Controller gives a cry of surprise. There, curled up asleep on one of Annie's seats, is Scamp. The Fat Controller rings the zoo and before long Scamp's keeper arrives. The Fat Controller then rides with the keeper and Scamp to the zoo.



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