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“I've caught up with you now, Mr. Kite!”

The Runaway Kite is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


On the morning of the Sodor Kite Competition, Thomas is given the job of taking the winner's cup. On his way, Thomas sees a kite being flown by Stephen and Bridget. Suddenly, the kite is blown away by a big gust of wind. The children are upset, but Thomas promises to catch the runaway kite. Charlie chuffs up and offers to help, but Thomas wants to chase the kite all by himself.

It is not long before Thomas meets up with Edward who also offers his assistance and again Thomas turns down the help. By now, Thomas has forgotten about delivering the winner's cup and every time he catches up with the kite, the wind blows it away again.

At last, the kite drops onto a bridge, right in front of Emily who offers to help. The kite is blown away again and Thomas chuffs after it, turning down Emily's offer. Soon Thomas judders to a stop; he has run out of coal. Now he really needs someone's help so he asks Percy who kindly gives him some coal.

Thomas arrives at the competition just in time to deliver the cup. Thomas' friends have found the kite wrapped round a signal. Thomas thanks his friends for helping and watches with pride as Stephen and Bridget fly their kite for all to see.