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The Shooting Star is Coming Through is the fifth song featured in The Great Race. The song is sung by Gordon. It is a reprise of Thomas' Streamlining.


Thomas: (spoken) "You could overheat! Your boiler could blow up!"
Gordon: Oh Thomas, will you stop your whining?
There’s no other engine I won’t be outshining
Too late,
I’ve got a date!
The Shooting Star is coming through!
Give up, there’s nothing you can do!
Cause all you’ll ever see of me
Will be a shining streak of racing blue!
My clouds today all have a silver lining
I’ll see my bossy brother get some undermining
Cause I’m the cream,
The best in steam,
Announcer: Etienne and Spencer are still holding the lead, but after a late start, the Shooting Star is coming up from behind! He's already overtaken the Flying Scotsman and Axel...
Flying Scotsman: Gordon? Gordon!
Gordon: That's NOT my name!
Flying Scotsman: You have to stop! Listen to me, Gordon! There's something wrong!
Gordon: I can't stop! I WON'T stop!
Announcer: I don't know what's happening, looks like the Shooting Star is having some kind of trouble!
Gordon: Whoosh!
The Shooting Star is coming through...!
Give up, there’s nothing you can do...!
Announcer: (spoken) "I think it's all over!"
Gordon: Cause all you’ll see of me...
Will be-!
Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!
Owwwwww, oh!!!
Announcer: It is now - his boiler has burst! He's slowing down! And the Shooting Star is out of the race! What a tragedy!
Gordon: Oh, the indignity...




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  • In the same special, Gordon is humming and singing this song whilst being streamlined at the Steamworks.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Czech Kdo to tak rychle prosvištěl
German Der Blitzstern ist ein Superstar
Japanese りゅうせんけいになりたい
Portuguese A Maior Corrida de Sodor
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