This article is about the book. You may be looking for the PC game or the magazine story.

The Special Delivery is a book.


A special delivery for Sir Topham Hatt arrives at Brendam Docks. Thomas is going to take it, but Gordon says that he is faster, so he takes the package. But trouble strikes; a red signal warns him that there is a rockslide ahead. He sees Toby and gives him the package. Toby brings the package to Percy. Percy takes the package until he sees James. The trucks have their brakes on, so Percy has no other choice but to give the parcel to James. James is puffing so quickly that he does not see the broken tracks. Then Harold lands and takes the package. He sees Thomas arriving at Tidmouth and gives the package to him. Sir Topham Hatt wonders where his package is. Thomas puffs in and Sir Topham Hatt opens the crate. He picks up a brand new top hat for the party that is being held that night. He tells Thomas that whenever there is a package for him, he wants Thomas to take it.




  • Toby's funnel is missing.
  • James' smokebox saddle is not coloured black.
  • Harold's pilot is nowhere to be seen.
  • James' crew is nowhere to be seen.
  • Percy's coal bunker is green.
  • Bulstrode's face is too small.
  • Cranky's ladder is missing.


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