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The Steam Team is a song from the twenty-second series dedicated to the characters in the team.


Clap your hands, stomp your feet
Feel the rhythm as the trains go by
(As the trains go by)
They're the team, best in steam
Making tracks to discovery
Get on board, pull the cord
Blow your whistle for the dream team
(The dream team)
Work together, to be better
Friends forever, here's the Steam Team
(The Steam Team)
Gordon is thundering down his line
Nia is always thoughtful and kind
Percy pulls all the mail on time
James' paint, it really shines
Emily's bright, Rebecca is fun
Let's not forget Thomas
He's the cheeky one
All aboard the Steam Team!
Get on board!
(Chorus) x2



Footage Used


  • The first line of lyrics are the same as the opening line of the original version of Set Friendship in Motion.
  • Some of the footage in this song is sped-up.
  • Some of the footage is re-used twice or three times throughout the song.
  • Counting every member of the Steam Team (current, former/temporary and dropped), Toby is the only member who doesn't appear in the song.
  • The instrumental from this song can be heard in the Meet the Steam Team videos.

Music Video

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