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The Story of Getting to Know Nature (자연과 친해지는 이야기 편) is a Korean VHS/DVD featuring four sixth series episodes and fourteen seventh series episodes.


  1. James and the Red Balloon - 제임스의 걱정
  2. Jack Frost - 동장군
  3. Toby Had a Little Lamb - 수호천사, 토비
  4. Faulty Whistles - 특별한 기적 소리
  5. Emily's New Coaches - 오해
  6. Percy Gets it Right - 퍼시의 경고
  7. Edward's Brass Band - 에드워드와 브라스 밴드
  8. The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop - 간이 식당차
  9. Toby's Windmill - 토비의 풍차
  10. Bad Day at Castle Loch - 성으로 가는 길
  11. Salty's Stormy Tale - 솔티의 폭풍 주의보
  12. Snow Engine - 눈사람, 올리버
  13. Something Fishy - 생선 냄샌 싫어!
  14. The Runaway Elephant - 코끼리 동상
  15. Bulgy Rides Again - 다시 돌아온 벌지
  16. Harold and the Flying Horse - 해롤드와 하늘을 나는 말
  17. Best Dressed Engine - 고든이 제일 멋져!
  18. Not So Hasty Puddings - 고마워, 토마스


  1. Troublesome Trucks
  2. The Red Balloon
  3. The Whistle Song


  • The DVD features English and Korean audio in both fake 5.1 and 2.0 mono and stereo audio, as well as Korean and English subtitles.
  • The VHS/DVD came with a free meal coupon.


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