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The Super Engine is a UK/AUS DVD containing seven episodes from the twenty-fourth series.


When Rebecca tells James, he could be a comic-book super-engine, he takes her seriously, and Rail Rocket is born! Thomas helps Ace to overcome his fear of animals and joins Shankar for a fancy dress contest. Meanwhile, Ruth turns an old windmill into an energy-efficient workshop and invents a walking bridge! Cleo's on a mission to save the snow, and Nia's bright idea guides Harold through a storm.


  1. James the Super Engine
  2. Shankar's Makeover
  3. Ace's Brave Jump
  4. Thomas and the Inventor's Workshop
  5. The Inventor's Spectacular Bridge
  6. Nia's Bright Idea
  7. Cleo's First Snow

Bonus Features


  • The Amazon UK description added some additional details stating that Sonny's Second Chance was going to be featured on the DVD, even though it was already shown in Marvellous Machinery.
  • The back cover features an image from Cleo the Road Engine, but that episode was not included in the DVD.
  • This is the last DVD release to have a bonus feature in the UK.


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