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“Luke! It's not a race. The passengers like going a bit slower.”
―Sir Robert Norramby

The Switch is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


One day, Luke is delivering trucks of stone to Ulfstead Castle when he meets Millie. Luke tells Millie all about his work at the Blue Mountain Quarry and Millie tells Luke all about working at the castle. Luke suggests that they switch jobs for a day. Millie likes the idea, but they have to check with Mr. Percival first. Mr. Percival thinks it is a splendid idea so Millie sets off to the quarry while Luke starts work at the castle. Millie is very nervous, but Luke is very confident.

At the quarry, Millie's first job is to move some heavy trucks of rocks. Millie finally manages to get the trucks moving, but screeches to a halt when she sees a tunnel up ahead. Millie feels very scared about having to go through a tunnel, but she knows she must be brave and puffs on through.

Meanwhile, at Ulfstead Castle, Luke is speeding around the grounds with the visitors. He is going so fast, that the visitors cannot see anything at all. The Earl flags Luke down at the platform and tells him to go a bit slower. Luke tries going slower and the passengers are much happier to be able to see all the sights. Luke is impressed with the sights, too and realises that sometimes it's better to take things slow and steady.

Later that day, the engines meet up again. They are both very happy to have made the switch. Millie has learnt that she is much braver and stronger than she thought, while Luke has learnt that he doesn't always need to rush to be a useful engine. Best of all, they are both happy to have made a new friend.




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