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This article is about 'the biography book'. You may be looking for 'the television documentary'.

The Thomas the Tank Engine Man is the official biography of the Rev. W. Awdry.


  • Introduction - "Points of Departure"
  • Prologue - "The Station Master's Office"
  • Chapter 1 - "'Eyes full of twinkle'"
  • Chapter 2 - "'I am working very hard'"
  • Chapter 3 - "'A very charming fellow indeed'"
  • Chapter 4 - "On the Right Lines"
  • Chapter 5 - "'A Little Engine Called Edward'"
  • Chapter 6 - "'A Cheeky Little Engine'"
  • Chapter 7 - "'A Splendid Red Engine'"
  • Chapter 8 - "The Discovery of Sodor"
  • Chapter 9 - "Branching Out"
  • Chapter 10 - "New Lines on Old Lines"
  • Chapter 11 - "Steaming On!"
  • Chapter 12 - "All Change!"
  • Chapter 13 - "End of the Line?"
  • Chapter 14 - "Full Steam Ahead!"
  • Chapter 15 - "Really Useful Engines"
  • Chapter 16 - "Destinations"
  • Epilogue - "Journey's End" (2015 edition)
  • Acknowledgements (2015 edition)
  • Index


  • The book is dedicated to Margaret Awdry and George Awdry. The updated edition is also dedicated to both Wilbert Awdry and Hilary Fortnam.
  • On the 13th May 1986 Brain Sibley narrated a program for BBC Radio 4 under the same name, (later repeated on 10th January 1987) and later a television documentary by Nicholas Jones, also of the same name was broadcasted on BBC Two on 25 February 1995. The documentary was also repeated two years later on 15 April 1997 in honour to commemorate the passing of Wilbert Awdry.
  • Daniel Coffey, Sam Wilkinson and Owen Bell were all acknowledged for helping Brian on the updated edition, while Gyles Brandreth also contributed in writing the forward for the book.
  • Lion Hudson (also known as Lion Books) approached Brian Sibley, and decided to help republish the book after Egmont Publishing denied his request.
  • The Original book was published at the time of the fourth series being televised in 1995
  • Prior to the book’s publication it was launched with a party at London’s Charing Cross Station and Johnny Morris was on hand to help celebrate the event