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The Three Bridges is the name given to a location that encompasses a complex of railway lines and bridges. One railway line runs alongside a canal and under a large stone viaduct. Two lines run atop the viaduct and under a steel bridge with a single track and roadway.



  • To create the set, models previously used on other sets were used, such as:
  • A steel bridge is possibly a tramway as both engines and road vehicles have been seen to run across it.
  • It is unknown where the area is located, although it is possibly on Duck's Branch Line, between Haultraugh and Bluff's Cove, crossing The Little Western and Toby's Branch Line. A more likely spot for this than in between Haultraugh and Bluff's Cove is actually just after Callandale Station and before Tidmouth Iron Bridge and Conrad's Bridge where the one line that runs by the river Tid heads towards Tidmouth Iron Bridge, while the two lines are the main line loop line, and the road and rail line which parallels the one heading towards the Tidmouth Iron Bridge also goes to the Tidmouth Iron Bridge, but just between this and Callandale they junction. Another possible is the bridge and road crossing of the Hawin Ab just outside of Killaban and the Sodor Search and Rescue Center.


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