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“Now we have train-spotters - and a spotted train!”

The Train Spotters is a magazine story.


One day, a group of train spotters are coming to visit the Island of Sodor. As usual, Gordon is boasting about being the best-looking engine and is sure they will all admire him as he pulls the express. Then, his driver arrives and tells him that he will be pulling coal trucks today. Gordon is not happy; he thinks he is much too important for that. Gordon driver stokes up the fire and oils him for the day's work.

When they reach the harbour, the coal is loaded onto a big ship. On the return journey, Gordon makes the coal trucks hurry. In the distance, Gordon can see the station and is happy to see that the train-spotters have not arrived yet. Suddenly, Gordon's driver sees the signal ahead is set for 'stop' but Gordon is going too fast. Gordon collides with a paint wagon which is on the line ahead, sending paint flying everywhere. The Fat Controller is very cross and sends Gordon back to the shed without being cleaned.

When the train-spotters arrive, they take the numbers of Thomas, Edward, Percy and James. They laugh at Gordon and so does Thomas.