The Treasure Hunt is a magazine story.


The Fat Controller has arranged a treasure hunt for his engines; whoever finds the hidden golden bucket gets a day off! Then Lady Hatt runs up to her husband and explains that she has misplaced her favourite diamond necklace. Instead of looking for the bucket, Daisy and Edward decide to help Lady Hatt. They search all day and it is not before it gets dark that the engines see something sparkling beside the tracks - it is Lady Hatt's missing necklace.

Next day, the two engines return the necklace to Lady Hatt. Then Diesel rolls in; he has found the golden bucket which makes Edward and Daisy feel sad. Lady Hatt tells her husband that Daisy and Edward deserve two days off for finding the necklace. Much to Diesel's dismay, the Fat Controller agrees.



  • The rails do not have spikes.
  • Diesel is coloured grey.
  • In the first illustration, Diesel does not appear to be on the tracks, and Daisy's right wheel is not on the tracks either.


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