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This article is about the bridge. You may be looking for the magazine story.

The Viaduct is a large two-track viaduct and one of the Sodor's most prominent landmarks.

It is not to be confused with the Big DipperHoo Valley Viaduct, Callan Viaduct, Hawin Lake Viaduct or the viaduct on the Mainland.


The Railway Series

The viaduct is located west of Cronk and east of Maron. A road runs under the viaduct. The Hawin Ab river also flows underneath it. Gordon lost his dome here in 1957. The viaduct underwent significant repairs in 1985, as its arches needed strengthening, which caused delays for Henry and James.

Thomas & Friends

The viaduct is located between Crosby and Wellsworth. Between the viaduct and Crosby is the truss bridge where Gordon and Henry were stopped by a cow. The Hawin Ab river used to flow underneath the viaduct, however, as time went on, the river drained out and trees and bushes grew in its place.