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The Vicar's Fête is a magazine story.


Trevor is very excited about the vicar's upcoming fête. He tells Edward he will be chuffing around the orchard and giving rides to children. Bertie drives past the orchard and calls Trevor "an old stick-in-the-mud". Trevor rebuttals and informs Bertie of the fête. Bertie tells Trevor that he too will be there and thinks no one would want to ride in a traction engine after being in a bus like him.

The day of the fête arrives but rain has made the orchard ground soft. Trevor's driver informs him to stay on the road so as not to get stuck. Trevor has a lot of fun taking children around and even meets with Bertie again, who is bringing more people.

However, Bertie runs into trouble when he drives onto the soft orchard ground and gets stuck. The vicar asks Trevor to help and soon ropes are attched to the two vehicles and Bertie is freed. Bertie thanks Trevor and admits he's not a stick-in-the-mud. Trevor, however, jokes that Bertie was instead.