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“Er, sorry to be so late. Those waters were rough."
"That's alright Bulstrode."
"Uh, yes. It was just a slight change in plan, which is not something to panic over.”
― Bulstrode, Nia and Bruno

The Waiting Game is the forty-ninth episode of the second series of Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go.


When an important shipment is delayed, Bruno and the gang have to learn the great value of waiting patiently.








  • According to Daniel Share-Strom[1]:
    • There was a deleted scene after the song where the engines try to make the silliest face, and Bruno ends up transforming into Percy's regular face because he thought it was silly. This scene was cut due to either time constraints or because the crew thought it would be seen as the engines making fun of Percy.
    • The scene where the engines meet Bulstrode was originally meant to be longer, with a last-minute holdup to show that the engines were okay with waiting a little longer. However, it was believed to have gotten in the way of the message, and thus, was cut.
    • Bruno was originally meant to have lines during the song, but was later cut for unknown reasons.


  • On the map of Sodor at the beginning of the episode, Kana is said to be going to Peel Godred, but is shown going to Crovan's Gate.
  • When Thomas asks Bruno what he spies, his chassis is overlayered over Percy's flatbed, and Bruno's stepladders briefly clip through him.
  • Tess is missing from Kellsthorpe Wharf.

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Language Title
French Jouer à attendre
German Ein Geduldsspiel
Italian Nell'attesa.. fantastichiamo!
Latin American Spanish Juguemos a esperar
Polish Granie w czekanie
Spanish El juego de esperar
Turkish Bekleme Oyunu