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The Express (known as The Wild Nor' Wester in The Railway Series) is an express passenger service train. In The Railway Series the duty of pulling the train was usually given to Gordon but it was later passed down to Pip and Emma. In the television series, Gordon maintains the responsibility - with assistance from Rebecca.


The Express was created to provide an express passenger service from London to Sodor. In 1925, following an agreement with the London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS), locomotive exchanges were moved from Vicarstown to Barrow-in-Furness.

During 1959, a special coach was added to the express that would be detached at Tidmouth for passengers travelling on the Ffarquhar Branch Line.

By 2011, as too much time was being wasted on changing engines at Barrow, Sir Stephen Hatt purchased Pip and Emma to run the service.


The Express stops at the following stations:

Rolling Stock

A variety of engines have pulled the Express. Before Pip and Emma took over, Gordon mainly pulled the express, through Henry, James, and Bear would sometimes do it. When Class 40 failedStepney and Duck took his place, the latter later helping Thomas and Percy when Henry was ill. Edward also helped Henry pull the express when Gordon burst his safety valve.


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The Railway Series only

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  • On Wilbert Awdry's Tidmouth - Knapford layout, the Express consisted of four corridor coaches: three in the Great Western Railway chocolate and cream livery and one in the LMS maroon livery.
    • These coaches were also shared with the Sudrian, with one side of the consist being painted in the livery of the Express and the other in the livery of the Sudrian.
  • The Express is loosely named after the North Western Railway.
  • In The Railway Series version of Bowled Out, the Express is stated to consist of fifteen coaches, though it is likely this number is not always consistent.
  • In The Missing Coach, it is stated the Express returns daily to Tidmouth at 3:30 in the afternoon.
  • Although it is the Main Line service, the Express has frequently been seen stopping at Brendam Docks from the fifth series onwards. According to Landmarks of Sodor, it stops here once a day to pick up passengers from liners such as the S.S. Roxstar.

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