“You should hear them in the workshop. You have to wheesh loudly to be heard.”

The Workshop was a shed on the Mainland, where engines, old and new, were built/repaired and stored until they could be bought by railways or other industrial workplaces. One time, the Fat Controller visited the workshop with hopes of finding a tank engine. He looked at them all until he saw a green saddle tank and when the engine confirmed he was willing to work hard, the Fat Controller bought him and named him Percy.




  • In the television series, the workshop consists of the Railway Works and Knapford Station.
  • It is unknown if this workshop is actually located on the Mainland in the television series, as it could be somewhere on Sodor.
  • In the television series, the other engines shown in the workshop are really Edward, Henry, Gordon, James and the Märklin engine covered under tarpaulins.


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