The Wrong Shirt is a 1996 annual story.


Toby collects a set of football uniforms made by Mrs Kyndley for some school boys. At the station, Toby finds a very cross Gordon who feels quite stuffed up in the smokebox. Gordon is so upset that he accidentally shoots a cloud of ashes out of his funnel, which comes raining down onto Toby's crew and the football uniforms. Fortunately, Thomas arrives on his way to the laundries with dirty workmen's uniforms and offers to take the football uniforms there too. Later at the school sports ground, Thomas and Toby are happy to see the boys looking so smart in their yellow and white uniforms - except for one boy, who is wearing a workmen's uniform. Later in the day, Thomas and the Fat Controller see a workman looking very uncomfortable wearing the missing football uniform and Thomas tells the Fat Controller about the earlier mishap.



  • In the second illustration, Gordon is smaller than Toby.


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