“I'm not doing what that bossy buffers says.”

Thirsty Work is a short magazine story puzzle.


One day, Thomas is about to leave the shed when Emily reminds him that is a hot day and he will need to fill up with water. Thomas does not listen to Emily's wise words and steams straight past the water-tower, refusing to do what bossy-buffers Emily says.

A little while later, Thomas begins to slow down. Not taking on water has made Thomas tired and unable to carry on. Just then, Emily comes along and kindly offers to pull Thomas to the water-tower. Thomas thanks Emily and apologises for not listening to her.



  • In the final illustration, readers are invited to do a dot-to-dot to make up the water-tower and colour the image in.
  • The plot of this story seems some what familiar to the Season 8 episode, Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough.


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