“This is the best Christmas ever.”

Thomas' Christmas Star is a colouring book which includes card stock ornaments.


It is Christmas on the Island of Sodor, and Sir Topham Hatt announces that there will be a decorating contest. The engine with the most festive shed wins. Thomas is worried that he will not have time to decorate his shed because he has to deliver presents for the children. He comforts himself in that he can decorate his shed next Christmas, while Gordon, James and Percy go off to find decorations for their sheds.

Cranky loads the presents onto Thomas' trucks and Thomas is on his way. He passes Gordon who has found thousands of twinkling lights for his shed. Later he meets James who tells him that the ornaments on his shed will be bright and red just like himself. Then Thomas sees Percy who has the greenest garlands for his shed. Thomas is happy that his friends get to decorate their sheds.

Thomas arrives at the tree lighting and is met with cheers from the children. Sir Topham Hatt and the drivers hand out the presents to the children and the big tree is lit. The children tell Thomas they have a present for him too, and that he must not open it until he gets back to his shed. Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt head back to the sheds. Thomas is now so happy that he does not mind that there is no time to decorate his shed.

Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt see Gordon's shed with sparkling lights, James' shed with shiny red ornaments, and Percy's shed decked with green garlands. Sir Topham Hatt thinks they all look glorious, but when Thomas sees his own shed he cannot believe his eyes. It is covered in lights, ornaments, and garlands! Percy tells him that they had some extra decorations, so they decided to put them on his shed. James asks what is in the package, and Thomas is keen to see what his present is. Sir Topham Hatt opens it, and reveals a great big shining Christmas star. Thomas declares that this is the best Christmas ever.



  • The rails do not have spikes.
  • The engines are missing their lamp irons, couplings, and brake pipes.
  • The engines are said to have separate sheds when it is actually separate berths at Tidmouth Sheds.
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