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Thomas' Christmas Wonderland and Other Thomas Adventures is a US VHS/DVD release featuring one fifth series episode narrated by Alec Baldwin, two first series episodes, one second series episode, one third series episode and one fourth series episode narrated by George Carlin and one song. It was released on VHS by Anchor Bay Entertainment in 2000 and on DVD with a bonus sampler CD in 2002. It is titled Christmas in the Beautiful Land of Thomas for Brazilian audiences and was titled La Fiesta de Navidad de Thomas for Latin American audiences.


2000 VHS/2002 DVD:

PEEP! PEEP! ALL ABOARD!!! Thomas and his friends would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. In this special collection of both new stories and seasonal favorites, you'll experience first hand the joy and magic the holiday series brings to the Island of Sodor. In the all-new story "Snow," join in on the fun as Rusty tells the story of when Skarloey was up to his funnel in snow. Cheer on Thomas, Harold, Percy and Terence as they shovel out stranded villagers just in time for Christmas, and help the engines find Thomas just in the nick of time for the big Yuletide celebration. Happy Holidays!!!



  1. Snow
  2. Thomas' Christmas Party
  3. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
  4. Terence the Tractor
  5. Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure
  6. Special Funnel


  1. Snow
  2. Thomas' Christmas Party
  3. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
  4. Terence the Tractor
  5. Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure
  6. Special Chimney


  1. Cuidado con la nieve
  2. La fiesta de Navidad de Thomas
  3. Thomas y el árbol de Navidad perdido
  4. Terence el Tractor
  5. La aventura navideña de Thomas y Percy
  6. Una chimenea especial


Bonus Features



  • Alec Baldwin was not credited on the back cover despite having narrated Snow.
  • The back cover of the VHS said there were two new stories, but Snow was the only new episode.
  • Like the Ultimate Christmas DVD, the description says that Thomas, Percy and Terence shoveled out villagers just in time for Christmas, but in the US version of the episode that it is referring to, the holiday being celebrated was Thanksgiving and not Christmas.
  • Some Canadian releases do not feature the Anchor Bay logo and start off with the Britt Allcroft logo.
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