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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story, the Chinese DVD, the Thai DVD, the Malaysian DVD, the book or the Chinese book.

“First you watch, then you wait. Then you hold your trucks/freight cars so straight. Never hurry - take your time".
"One by one you'll have a line. Then, you know you've done your best. You've passed the really useful test!"
"We'll try our best. We'll have a 'Bash'"
"We'll take our time. We'll never 'Dash'"
"We'll huff and puff with all our might!"
"Hooray for you - you've done it right!”
―Thomas and Percy teaching Bash, Dash and Ferdinand how to be really useful

Thomas' Crazy Day is the fourteenth episode of the fourteenth series.


Percy has popped a piston, so Thomas goes to visit him at the Steamworks. Percy looks very upset, so Thomas promises that, once he is mended, they will play together. This makes Percy very happy and Thomas sets off for Knapford.

At Knapford, Thomas meets the Misty Island Logging Locos - Bash, Dash and Ferdinand. The Fat Controller arrives and tells Thomas that he must take the three to Brendam Docks, as there is very important freight there that must be loaded by the end of the day. On the way to the docks, Thomas remembers that he promised to play with Percy, but is worried that if he does, the Logging Locos will not think he is a really useful engine. Then, Thomas has an idea - he will do both things at the same time.

At Brendam Docks, the Logging Locos are very excited - they have never seen the docks before. Thomas introduces the logging locos to Cranky. Thomas then tells Cranky to tell the Misty Island engines all about the docks whilst he does other things. And with that, Thomas puffs hastily away to the Steamworks where he tells Percy that they are playing hide and seek and tells him to hide. Then, Thomas goes back to the docks, where he discovers that Cranky has been very unfriendly and has not spoken to the Logging Locos at all. Thomas tells Cranky to help Bash, Dash and Ferdinand load freight whilst he does something important and he leaves the docks again.

Thomas attempts to find Percy, but, after a while, decides to go back to the docks. Once there, Thomas cannot believe his eyes; Cranky is lifting Ferdinand and is about to lower him onto the deck of a ship. It turns out that Cranky had misunderstood what Thomas had meant. Thomas orders Cranky to put Ferdinand back onto the rails and sets off to find Percy once more, but to no avail. Percy, looking very sad, comes out of his hiding place. Thomas realises all the chaos he has caused and invites Percy to Brendam Docks so that they can both have fun and be really useful with the Logging Locos at the same time.




UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa

US and Canada



  • When Thomas puffs backwards out of the Steamworks, his siderods do not move.
  • The first two times that Thomas returns to the Docks after searching for Percy, he has somehow turned around. What is more, when he goes to search for Percy the last time, he puffs in the opposite direction than he did the first two times, but somehow turns around twice.
  • In Romania, this episode aired on Minimax with the Romanian dub from Jumping Jobi Wood!.


  • Victor: No more long faces, please. You look like a squeezed lemon on wheels!
  • Ferdinand: This is not right!


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Arabic نهار حافل
Brazilian Portuguese O dia maluco de Thomas
Chinese Mandarin 托马斯的疯狂一天
Czech Tomášův bláznivý den
Danish Thomas' skøre dag
Finnish Tuomaksen Sekavapäivä
French Une journée de folie
German Thomas in Hektik
Hungarian Thomas-nak őrült napja van
Indonesian Hari Sibuk Thomas
Japanese トーマスがおてほん
Korean 토마스의 바쁜 하루
Latin American Spanish El Día Alocado de Thomas
Norwegian En merkelig dag
Polish Szalony Dzień Tomka
Portuguese O dia louco do Thomas
Romanian Ziua Nebună a lui Thomas
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Slovenian Tomažev nori dan
Swedish Thomas tokiga dag
Turkish Thomas'ın Çılgın Günü
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