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Thomas' Fan Favorite Adventures is a US VHS featuring seventeen episodes that was exclusive to Blockbuster Video.

VHS Tapes

  1. Best of James
  2. Best of Percy


  1. A Proud Day for James
  2. James in a Mess
  3. Old Iron
  4. No Joke for James
  5. James Learns a Lesson
  6. Percy, James and the Fruitful Day
  7. James Goes Buzz Buzz
  8. Time for Trouble
  9. Percy's Ghostly Trick
  10. A Scarf for Percy
  11. Percy Takes the Plunge
  12. Percy's Predicament
  13. Thomas, Percy and the Mail Train
  14. Percy Runs Away
  15. Percy and the Signal
  16. Percy Proves a Point
  17. Percy's Promise



  • This marks the last VHS to be released by Gullane Entertainment as it was bought by Hit Entertainment around the time it was released.



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