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“Goodbye, my frosty friend!”

Thomas' Frosty Friend is a magazine story, illustrated using photographs from the television series.


One day, Percy excitedly directs Thomas' attention to a really big snowman. The snowman is just a balloon, but Thomas does not realise this. Suddenly, a gust of wind lifts the snowman into the air. As it floats over Thomas, its ropes catch on his buffers. Now, it looks like the snowman is following him.

Later on, Farmer McColl asks why Thomas has the snowman behind him. Thomas is shocked and steams away quickly, hoping the snowman would go away. But the snowman does not go away and, further up the line, Emily asks about the snowman. Thomas realises the snowman is still following him and steams quickly away again.

The snowman does not go away, so Thomas goes to ask the Fat Controller for help. The Fat Controller explains that the snowman is a balloon and it has caught on Thomas' buffers. Thomas is happy again and takes the snowman balloon back to the children. They cheer when Thomas puffs in and the little tank engine peeps a goodbye to his frosty friend.




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