“Cowardly coal chutes!”

Thomas' Hallowe'en is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


One Halloween evening, Thomas and Emily have to go to the Smelter's Yard to pick up a load of iron. Percy warns Thomas and Emily to look out for ghosts. Thomas and Emily do not believe in ghosts. They feel very brave, but when they get to the Smelter's Yard it is very dark and spooky. 'Arry and Bert are lurking nearby and see their chance to scare Thomas and Emily. As the two steam engines roll by, 'Arry and Bert make some spooky groaning noises.

Thomas and Emily enter the smelting shed. As Emily is turning around on the turntable, a great whoosh of sparks light up the shed. Emily is so scared that she does not see a big, white tarpaulin attach to her tender. It then falls over her and covers her completely. When Thomas sees Emily, he quickly races out of the shed thinking she is a ghost.

Thomas and Emily both race towards Tidmouth Sheds. When Percy sees Emily under the tarpaulin, he thinks she is a ghost too. Having heard the noise, the Fat Controller soon arrives in his pyjamas. He pulls the tarpaulin off of Emily and all of the engines feel very foolish.




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